And I use marquee, too.

Though image maps are still included in the html specifications, that old chestnut, the marquee element has long been relegated to the deprecation bin. But it was an effect I wanted to use on one site to headline the latest jurisdictions that passed puppy store bans in ticker-tape fashion.

marquee tickertape screenshot on MBP/Safari/Mojave

So if it’s so despised by the specification board, why am I using it? Beacuse it works. In fact, I’m noticing increased support across all the i/macOS browswers, even the lesser known ones like Brave and Vivaldi. In fact, my restart button script only doesn’t work in Safari and Firefox with Opera, Brave, Vivaldi and Chrome all working as expected.

I’ve added console switches for:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Restart
  • Reverse

(Question for YOU: Should I make the play and pause buttons one and the same?)

Caveat: The play button doubles as a marquee/ticker tape direction indicator.

If the element is working near-ubiquitously, I’m down for using it on a special interest/non-commercial site for dramatic effect.

Here’s Vivaldi in reverse mode. Can tell by the reverse switch in blue.

Play button in hover state.

Author: Brooks Rogers

Programming for a long time now. Working with Stencil these days and creating custom HTML elements/web components.

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